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Joel Osteen Today's Word: Behind the Scenes

 Joel Osteen  Today's Word: Behind the Scenes Today’s Scripture: Ruth 2:16, NLT - And pull out some heads of barley from the bundles and drop them on purpose for her. Let her pick them up, and don’t give her a hard time! Today’s Word: Ruth was a young widow who left her home country to take care of her elderly mother-in-law. She was out in the harvested fields, picking up leftover grain, just trying to survive. Boaz, the owner of those fields, spoke to his workers about Ruth, telling them to leave grain on the ground on purpose to make it easier for Ruth. He didn’t speak to Ruth; he spoke about Ruth. She never heard what he said, but she suddenly had more grain than she needed and finished in half the time. All because somebody she didn’t even know put in a good word for her. In the same way, God has already spoken to the right people to be good to you, to show you favor, to open the right doors. As with Ruth, suddenly you come into blessings you didn’t work for. People g

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