Thinking "here goes nothing" could be the start of something big.

Your Daily Blessing                                         
It's no wonder you are so filled with anxiety, stress, and lack of peace of mind. Your world is in high speed go-go-go mode. God knows it and that's why you have day of rest. Try to take it. May you be blessed to lounge, linger and look up at the sky. Read. Take a long bath instead of a quick shower. Slow your pace today and know the tranquility of restful pause.
Relax with the Daily Blessing and then pause to pass it on.
Today's Prayer
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Today's Moral Message
Faith Holmes was around 6 years old when her mother took her to a black church for a teachable moment.

After services, the children were invited to attend Sunday school, but Holmes resisted. As the only white child, she recalls telling her mother she felt different. 

Her mother replied, “Good. Now you know what it feels like.” 

Then she told her young daughter to remember that feeling whenever there was an opportunity to be kind to someone who might feel like an outcast.  

JUST for TODAY...I will win an argument by dropping the argument and do something kind towards the other person instead. Yes, really—that's exactly what I will do today.

Daily Prayer Request

My doctor hears a heart murmur. I am having an ecco sound on my heart. Please pray that the tests will come back negative, and my heart is o.k. In addition, please pray that my health will be good, in all areas of my body. Please pray that me, my husband,and son Jamarr, Latisha, my sisters and brothers will come together in unity and love. Pray that we all will grow stronger spiritually, pray that we will be blessed, with financial, health, love, peace, free of fear. Please pray for us.
- Brenda J.

Daily Bible Message

“Be still, and know that I am God.” 
Psalm 46:10

With this very brief statement, God is not being condescending or pulling rank. He is basically saying:

Listen child, you may be smart, capable, and on top of things. But at the end of the day, I am God. Trust me on this one. Yes, I understand that from your mortal perspective it appears to be getting worse, but from my Divine vantage point I can see the seeds of redemption and freedom. If you just place your trust in me, and ignore the misleading facts on the ground, everything will work out okay.


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