'A Deeper Knowing'
St. Bruno; Bl. Marie Rose Durocher
Thus the LORD blessed the latter days of Job more than his earlier ones.
- Job 42:12
Once when I had the flu, I decided to read the book of Job, beginning to end, maybe to put the aches, chills and a fiery sore throat into perspective. It took a few days as my reading sessions alternated with sleeping and times of just pooling in the misery. Even though my illness wasn't over by the last verses of Job, I was starting to feel a bit better. I was feeling lots better for Job too. After all the heart-wrenching losses he suffered, God blessed him again! He received sustenance, family, long life, all in abundance greater than he had enjoyed previously. He also came to know God more intimately than ever before. Gift, loss, gift seems to be the pattern of this divine human journey we walk. It is a story, like Job's, of transformation into a deeper knowing of God and of ourselves. There is a happy ending!
- Jennifer Christ


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