Catholic devotional DAILY DEVOTIONS: Oct 30 'Small Can Be Beautiful'

'Small Can Be Beautiful'
When [the mustard seed] was fully grown, it became a large bush and "the birds of the sky dwelt in its branches."
- Luke 13:19
Mustard seeds are tiny, not even a quarter of an inch wide. And yet, that humble seed can grow into a plant around nine feet high, large enough for birds to nest in.

Sometimes the size of our own faith seems just as tiny. We grow angry with the Lord when we or loved ones suffer illnesses and other challenges. We grow overly confident in what we see as our own abilities and strengths. We grow placid and flaccid, checking the go-to-Mass-and-Confession boxes and not thinking much about what we're called to do beyond that.

But small doesn't scare the Lord. He can work miracles with the tiniest speck within us, bringing it to full flowering. All we need to do is muster up the courage and strength, if not the faith, to say yes to his invitation to love and, then, trust that he will do the rest.
Lord, I come to you, small and unsure. Help me grow.
- Melanie Rigney


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