Daily Bible Verse and Verse Summary, God Promises He Will Wipe Away Every Tear - (Isaiah 25:8) Bible Promise

God Promises He Will Wipe Away Every Tear - (Isaiah 25:8)
Bible Promise
When death is swallowed up, I will wipe away every tear from your face.

Verse Text
He will swallow up death forever, and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces; The rebuke of His people He will take away from all the earth; For the Lord has spoken.

Reading Notes
This chapter of Isaiah speaks of God's redemption of Israel and His people, through His judgments against the pagan nations of the world. Isaiah was a prophet to both the Northern Kingdom of Israel as well as the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Isaiah's ministry was during the reigns of Kings Pekah and Hosea in the north, and King Uzziah in the south. The Northern Kingdom of Israel, under the reign of King Hosea, the last King of Israel, would soon face destruction by the Assyrians, as the people of the north are carried away into captivity never to return. In the south the Southern Kingdom of Judah is experiencing an age of wealth and prosperity. But now, facing the prospects of Assyrian attack. However, this particular verse speaks of death or more specifically the "death of death." Isaiah is referencing both the death and resurrection of Jesus as well as the time following the Millennial Kingdom of Christ. A time when death and Hades will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, just before Jesus ushers in the new heavens and the new earth. For all of human history death has been the great destroyer of people. Since the fall of mankind when death was introduced into the human race, no one has been able to escape its grasp, it has always reigned over humanity.

And during the time of ancient Israel, other pagan Gentile cultures saw death as one of the many pagan gods in their pantheon of gods. And the Israelite culture saw death as the one who swallowed up life, thereby destroying the living. So it was fitting that the prophet Isaiah, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, speaks of death being swallowed up forever. Moreover, Satan, who is also the great destroyer does everything within his power to keep mankind from the saving knowledge of Christ before they die. Satan does so, because he knows if he can bring someone to their death without knowing Jesus, that soul has been lost forever and will join him in Hell. However, we have a Savior, a divine Advocate! Jesus defeated death and Satan at the Cross of Calvary. Because of His sacrifice for us, which showed us the loving grace of God, we have eternal life through our faith in Him alone. And through Jesus death and resurrection, death has been swallowed up by the eternal life we have in Christ. Moreover, there is coming a day when death itself, along with Satan and all those demons who followed him, will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. They will experience eternal punishment and have no more access to humanity. And this is a promise of God, and it's for all of God's people, all those who have and will in the future, place their faith in Jesus alone for salvation.


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