DAILY BIBLE READING November 10th, 2018 DEUTERONOMY 33:18-29 (GNT)

November 10th, 2018
Growing with God’s Word in Thankfulness and Praise

Deuteronomy 33:18-29: Moses continues offering his blessing to the nation tribe by tribe. The concluding verses (26-29) read like a victory hymn in praise of God’s deliverance and, along with verses 2-5 from yesterday’s reading, form a celebratory framework surrounding the tribal blessings.
God has always been your defense; his eternal arms are your support.

18About the tribes of Zebulun and Issachar he said:

“May Zebulun be prosperous in their trade on the sea,

And may Issachar's wealth increase at home.

19They invite foreigners to their mountain

And offer the right sacrifices there.

They get their wealth from the sea

And from the sand along the shore.”

20About the tribe of Gad he said:

“Praise God, who made their territory large.

Gad waits like a lion

To tear off an arm or a scalp.

21They took the best of the land for themselves;

A leader's share was assigned to them.

They obeyed the Lord's commands and laws

When the leaders of Israel were gathered together.”

22About the tribe of Dan he said:

“Dan is a young lion;

He leaps out from Bashan.”

23About the tribe of Naphtali he said:

“Naphtali is richly blessed by the Lord's good favor;

Their land reaches to the south from Lake Galilee.”

24About the tribe of Asher he said:

“Asher is blessed more than the other tribes.

May he be the favorite of his brothers,

And may his land be rich with olive trees.

25May his towns be protected with iron gates,

And may he always live secure.”

26People of Israel, no god is like your God,

riding in splendor across the sky,

riding through the clouds to come to your aid.

27God has always been your defense;

his eternal arms are your support.

He drove out your enemies as you advanced,

and told you to destroy them all.

28So Jacob's descendants live in peace,

secure in a land full of grain and wine,

where dew from the sky waters the ground.

29Israel, how happy you are!

There is no one like you,

a nation saved by the Lord.

The Lord himself is your shield and your sword,

to defend you and give you victory.

Your enemies will come begging for mercy,

and you will trample them down.

What is Moses’ blessing for each of the remaining six tribes cited in today’s reading? Reread verses 26-29. How is God described? What images for God resonate with you? Why?

No god is like you, O God! Your splendor and majesty is revealed in the wonders of your creation. When I feel helpless or troubled, you come to my aid and your eternal arms support me.
I thank and praise you for all your mighty works. Amen.
Those in need of God’s protection
2 Samuel 6:1-23: King David brings the Covenant Box to Jerusalem.


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