John Hagee Devotion Exodus 15:3

Exodus 15:3

The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.

The Psalms tell us that God gives us strength for the battle. He makes our way perfect and trains our hands to fight. On November 11, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson declared Armistice Day a new holiday in the United States of America. The intention was to honor those who gave their lives in World War I. In 1954, Congress amended Armistice Day to include and celebrate all veterans who have served in our military and fought for our freedom, effectively changing its name to Veterans Day.

Because of YOU, our veterans, the United States of America is still free. God bless each and every one of you! Because of YOU, we the people have the opportunity to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are forever indebted to you for the freedoms that we enjoy every day. The nations of the world are safer because of your sacrifice. Your families have shared in that sacrifice…living through seasons without a father or mother, a son or daughter, a brother or sister, praying daily for your safe return to their arms. Today, we thank your families for their sacrifice as well.

You have freely offered your expertise, your talents, your wisdom and a heart for a cause greater than yourself. And some of you have poured out the last full measure of your devotion for our nation. Freedom certainly is not free. Because of your protection, our nation can grow stronger and our children can pursue their dreams.

To our veterans, may you know that you are appreciated and deeply loved. May the peace and joy of the Lord be present in your lives today and every day.

Today's Bible Reading

Old Testament

Ezekiel 24:1-26:21

New Testament

Hebrews 11:1-16

Psalms & Proverbs

Psalms 110:1-7

Proverbs 27:14


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