John Hagee Devotion Proverbs 8:17

Proverbs 8:17

I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.

Find God in the morning and allow Him to control your day. Make a conscious decision to being each day with a good attitude. Your attitude will determine your attainments.

In the medical field, for example, doctors will tell you that patients with potentially fatal diseases fare much better during treatment if they maintain a positive attitude. There is much documentation about endorphins and exactly why this occurs, but this medical proof just verifies what the Bible has said all along: " A merry heart doeth good like medicine."

If we are placing our lives in God's hands, then no matter what life throws our way, we will have a shelter from the storm, a high tower to run into when the seas are raging. Seek God diligently, and the answer you need will come in due time.

Today's Bible Reading

Old Testament

Ezekiel 16:43-17:24

New Testament

Hebrews 8:1-13

Psalms & Proverbs

Psalms 106:13-31

Proverbs 27:7-9


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