above only devotion The Fuel for our Zeal THURSDAY

above only devotion  The Fuel for our Zeal

1John 1:1-2 (GNB)
We write to you about the Word of life, which has existed from the very beginning. We have heard it, and we have seen it with our eyes; yes, we have seen it, and our hands have touched it. When this life became visible, we saw it; so we speak of it and tell you about the eternal life which was with the Father and was made known to us.

 Author PhotoIt is always best when zeal for God is born out of revelation, practice and encounters with God and not simply emotion or via emulation of others. Lack of a personal relationship with God is a major reason that some people are passionate about the wrong things. Before his encounter with Jesus, Apostle Paul zealously persecuted the church, Phil.3:6. He acknowledged later that he did it in ignorance and unbelief. It was because of ignorance that the Jewish leaders zealously wanted Jesus killed. Our zeal for God must be based on the revelation of Christ (Rom.1:16-17) and God's love for us, 2Cor.5:14. In your zeal for God, you must also perpetuate humility and love.

A major thing that fuels zeal for God is fellowshipping with God. Lack of fellowship with God is a major reason that many believers and minsters experience burn out and frustration in their zeal for God. That is where He fills you with more revelations of Christ and His love for you. That is also an avenue for you to express your passion and zeal for him. Fellowshipping with God entails both your personal fellowship with God and your fellowship with other believers also. 1John 1:3 (GNB) says, what we have seen and heard we announce to you also, so that you will join with us in the fellowship that we have with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ. We fellowship with God by the help of His Spirit. It is not by our physical power nor by our might but by that of the Spirit of God that we can be effectively zealous for God. It is in the place of our fellowship with God that the strength and might of His Spirit fills us up continually.

PRAYER:  Take me deeper in love and fellowship with You, dear Lord. Fill my heart with more revelations of Christ and Your love for me.

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