Catholic devotional DAILY DEVOTIONS: Jan 11 'Relying on God'

'Relying on God'
" can make me clean."
- Luke 5:12
One of the greatest challenges to faith is the belief that our day-to-day problems are insurmountable. We think we should solve them ourselves; we think we need to solve them ourselves. It's said the root of sin is resisting relying on God--thinking we don't need God. But before that, you have to think you can do it yourself, without God. And yet, we encounter dozens of characters in Scripture like the leper in today's gospel reading. By all accounts, he should feel hopeless. But he doesn't ask for strength to carry on in his struggles; he doesn't ask how one might be made clean. No, he falls prostrate before Jesus and affirms, "You can make me clean." And Jesus' response to his audacity? "Be made clean."
Lord, grant me the humility to know I cannot, and need not, solve my problems myself; I turn them over to you.
- Phil Fox Rose


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