Some months ago, I was late to catch a plane out of the San Antonio airport.  I wasn’t terribly late but I was late enough to be bumped and have my seat given to a standby passenger.  When the ticket agent told me I would have to miss the flight, I put to work my best persuasive powers.  “But the flight hasn’t left yet!”  “Yes, but you are here too late” she responded.  “But m’am” I pleaded, “I’ve got to be in Houston by this evening.”  She was patient but firm. “I’m sorry sir.”  “I know what the rules say,” I said.  “I’m not asking for justice, I’m asking for mercy.”  She didn’t give it to me.

But God does.  Even though by the book I’m guilty, by God’s love, I get another chance.  Even though by the Law I’m indicted, by mercy, I’m given a fresh start.  For it is by grace, you have been saved.  And not by works, so that no one can boast.

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