DAILY DEVOTIONS: May15 'Sharing Our Joy'

DAILY DEVOTIONS: May15  'Sharing Our Joy'
St. Isidore
O God, let all the nations praise you!
- Psalm 67:4 (responsorial)
There's a joy in recognizing the way things really are. We honor Newton and Einstein because they recognized something fundamental about the way the universe is put together. There's an exclamation of joy in seeing how gravity works, a "eureka" that bursts forth in discovering how things are. Such delight happens not by way of coercion, but by way of recognition.

We claim this recognition today as, bursting with Easter joy, we sing to God, "Let all the nations praise you." There's an eschatological tone to this verse; otherwise, it's only wishful thinking. The nations are summoned on judgment day. The ones who will give praise in God's kingdom are those who had compassion for God's little ones. This is the force that moves the universe. We're not going to go and force people to think as we do or subjugate them to our ways. By sharing our joy and serving the little ones, we help all nations to know God--his love, his mercy, his ways.
O God, let all the nations praise you!
- Mary Marrocco


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