God Promises He Will Draw Near to Us - (James 4:8)

God Promises He Will Draw Near to Us - (James 4:8)
Bible Promise
Come close to Me and I will come close to you.

Verse Text
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

Reading Notes
In the Old Testament times of the Mosaic priesthood, the priest would ceremonially wash their hands before approaching God in the Tabernacle. This was meant as a symbolic gesture of what was supposed to be going on inside their hearts. That is the repenting and turning away from sin and back toward God. In addition, the High Priest once a year in a special ceremony, would wash and cleanse himself before the Lord. After which He would offer a sacrifice for himself, then one for the people. This special day was called the "Day of Atonement" and the High Priest would go through a special ceremony in order to go before a Holy God in order to cover the sins of the people for that year. The ceremony would be repeated every year at the same time. This was done to not only show outwardly the price to be paid for sin. But to also show the inward repentance of the heart. This inward repentance is required by everyone who comes before the Lord in faith. In addition, these ceremonies pointed forward to the Messiah to come.

These ceremonies showed the people their need for a Savior who would once and for all times remove their sin. Therefore, it's important we understand that God wants a close relationship with us. Moreover, that the Law of God was given to show us our sin and our need for a Savior. Jesus is our creator, He is the Author of creation, and He loves us dearly. However, there is a barrier that separates us, a wall between us and our access to a Holy God. That barrier is sin. Sinful man cannot come before a Holy God. Contrary to our human pride, we cannot come before God on our own terms. That's why Jesus came to bear our sins. He bore our sins and tore down the wall of separation between us and a Holy God. What Jesus did for us gives us permanent access to God the Father. Through our faith in Christ, we have an access to God which we did not have before. And God promises anyone who draws near to Him through Christ Jesus our Lord will not be turned away; but will have eternal life. In addition, God will draw near to them as a loving Father draws near and watches over His dear children. Moreover, God promises to work in our lives as He makes us a new creation in Christ.


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