Sincere Prayer Requests

 Sincere Prayer Requests
“‘So do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him’” (Matthew 6:8).

We do not have to badger or cajole God to ensure that He will hear and answer our prayers or to convince Him that our requests are sincere. Prayer is more for our benefit than God’s, as Luther said, “By our praying … we are instructing ourselves more than we are him.” Our prayers, no matter how eloquent or earnest, can never really inform or persuade God. Our responsibility and privilege is simply to approach Him with sincerity, purpose, and true devotion.

We can share with God all manner of needs, burdens, and heartfelt concerns, even though He already knows everything that’s on our hearts and minds. God delights to hear us and commune with us more than we ever delight to commune with Him. He loved us first and with a greater intensity than we could ever love Him. Our sincere prayer requests allow God the opportunity to more fully reveal all His wonderful attributes to us (cf. John 14:13).

The great evangelist D. L. Moody once felt so filled up and overwhelmed with God’s blessings that he reportedly prayed, “God, stop.” Potentially, every faithful believer today could have Moody’s response to God’s goodness. The Lord answers us in better ways than we want or expect—but He always answers.

Ask Yourself

The fact that God “knows what you need before you ask Him” can easily be construed into a rationalization for praying less. What is it about this astounding reality, however, that should actually inspire us to pray more? How does it reorient us to the true meaning of relationship with God?


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