DAILY DEVOTIONS:Jun 30 'Floating Along the Path'

'Floating Along the Path'
Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
You will show me the path to life...
- Psalm 16:11
God is there on the path. I just have to get myself onto it. Today I reflected on Denise Levertov's poem in which she describes her acceptance of grace as that of swimmers floating on their backs, allowing the water to bear them up. Now I know I need to do my part to get on the "path of life," but I also know that I must "float," which is to release my disquiet upon the grace-filled waters of the Holy One. How many times I've been at prayer when anxious distractions arise as to what I will say in future retreats and conferences. I've learned to "float" by responding to those disturbances with the trusting prayer: "You will give me the words." As soon as I utter that line (allowing myself to "float"), my concerns lift and peace returns.
- Sr. Joyce Rupp, O.S.M.


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