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Published June 30, 2019
We are His Friends

“And since, when we were his enemies, we were brought back to God by the death of His Son, what a blessing He must have for us now that we are His friends, and He is living within us!”
Romans 5:10
Marilyn had a very poor self-image. She hated the way she looked and felt that her personality was so bad that she could never expect to have true friends. She was concerned especially about marriage. How could she ever find a man to love her since she was so unattractive (in her thinking).

I was able to help her see how much God loved her, and how great was His blessing for her as a child of God. The supernatural life-style was available to her, and she was the one to determine whether or not she would measure up, as an act of the will by faith, to what God had called and enabled her to be. Her part was simply to trust and obey Him.

With God’s help, she determined to be that kind of person, the kind of person God created her to be.

We who are Christians can see ourselves as God sees us and through the enabling of the Holy Spirit become what we are in His sight. With the eyes of love, He sees us covered with the blood of Christ, which was shed on the cross for our sins, and, as expressed in Hebrews 10, He sees us as holy, righteous and totally forgiven. He holds nothing against us. The penalty for our sins has been paid – once and for all. There is nothing which we can add.

Now we have the privilege of becoming in our experience what we are already in God’s sight.

Bible Reading: Romans 5:11-15

Through the enabling of the Holy Spirit, I will begin to see myself as God sees me: loved, forgiven, holy, righteous, spiritually mature, aggressive and fruitful for the glory of God. Today I will live by faith the supernatural life which is my heritage in Christ.

By Dr. Bill Bright
Used by Permission

Published June 30, 2019
My Life Has Purpose
“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge, nor wisdom.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

The greatest purpose for living is to serve God. He has work for us to do.
“We are God’s workmanship (masterpiece) created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has prepared (chosen) for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10)

Be faithful in small things.

“No work is small when done with great love,” said Mother Teresa

Brother Lawrence, a monk who lived in France during the seventeenth century, saw His work for God as serving in the kitchen. He would stop his work and praise God for the privilege of knowing Him and serving Him this way. His book ‘Practicing the Presence of God’ is still being read today.

Nick Vujicic born without arms and legs determined to find the purpose for his life. Against tremendous challenges, he’s become an international motivational speaker, founded his own company, and speaks about his “ridiculously good life” in his book Life Without Limits.

He writes,

“recognizing your purpose means everything. I assure you that you too have something to contribute. You may not see it now, but you would not be on this planet if that were not true. I know for certain that God does not make mistakes, but he does make miracles. I am one. You are too.’ (Life Without Limits page 31)

Father, we thank you that every life has a purpose. I want to live my life for your glory.
By Helen Lescheid


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