Daily Blessing God's Not Finished Yet

Daily Blessing God's Not Finished Yet
When certain situations pierce your heart, tell your soul, “I’m still in the not-yet. God’s not finished yet. The story’s not over yet. God is working ways I cannot see. My faith will be my substance and my evidence, my proof that I believe in Almighty God who daily establishes His purposes for me. If I don’t have it yet, it’s because I’m not ready for it yet. God, make me ready. Prepare my heart. Teach me what I need to know.” And then, in the meantime, look around, and thank Him for the right-nows, the parts of your story where you’ve seen God handiwork and experienced His faithfulness. Remember His goodness. Rely on His love. Trust that He is faithful. He’ll help you stay the course, keep the faith, and preserve to your next place of promise.


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