God’s Unfailing Love

Published July 11, 2019
God’s Unfailing Love
Read: Ephesians 2:1-7

Do you feel loved by God?  Let me ask the question a different way: Did you know that as a believer, it’s possible to mentally understand God loves you without actually sensing it? In fact, the reverse can be true as well—we may say we love God, all the while knowing that our feelings of affection for Him are limited.

There are a variety of reasons that a Christian might not sense love from God or affection for Him, some of which stem from childhood experiences. Perhaps love was absent in the home, or maybe it just wasn’t expressed verbally or demonstrated in practical ways. An individual’s personality could also be part of the equation—some people are naturally expressive while others are more reserved in their emotions.

Although this discrepancy between knowledge and experience can be distressing, there is hope. Meditating on all the ways God has demonstrated His love for you—and asking Him to help you perceive it—can begin to move that truth from your head to your heart. Remember that love is God’s very nature (1 John 4:8), not something conditioned on your performance. And if you’ve been adopted into His family through faith in His Son, God has chosen to lavish kindness on you in Christ.

Believing and accepting that you are loved by the Father will in turn affect your feelings for Him. Commit to knowing Him more intimately and accurately through His Word, and your affection for Him will begin to grow. As you spend time with Him in Scripture and prayer, you’ll discover that the saying “to know him is to love him” is certainly true of God.

By Dr. Charles Stanley
used by Permission


Each Time I Falter
Published July 11, 2019
Each Time I Falter
Each Time I Falter
Each time I falter
and miss the mark
you reach down your
hand of mercy, and
restore me to my feet.

In moments of weakness
and despair you are right
there comforting me with
your love! each time I falter.

You do the impossible
reminding me that your
grace is sufficient for me
and with your strength
you give me power to endure.

You are really my all in all!
It is so reassuring to know that
you are with me each time I falter!!

by Margaret Mullings
Used by Permission


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