Daily Devotionals | Kenny Luck August 14, 2019 Satan, King of Terrorism

August 14, 2019 | Daily Devotionals | Kenny Luck
August 14, 2019
Satan, King of Terrorism
As we’ve seen, the spiritual world is rife with well-engineered and malicious plots designed to gain control of men, introduce a second agenda, and produce maximum devastation.  As a consequence, the game that is “on” is a game of disciplined discernment of those plots.  God’s man is commissioned to be about the business of predicting and preempting the Terrorist’s agenda much the same way a counterterrorism agent is deployed.  We are appointed to know the scheme of the Devil, called to study them, trained to discern them, and prepared to come against them.  Being outwitted is not a part of our tradition as a fighting group.

The easy part is identifying the tactics.  The hard part is knowing when and where they will be used.  In many instances you can’t predict the situation.  You simply have to be ready to respond.

This is the one advantage all terrorism has on the world of free men — the element of surprise.  The Algerian terrorists’ plans included taking over an existing flight to accomplish their mission.  The situation was already loaded with leverage they didn’t have to create. Twenty-seven tons of jet fuel, Check.  Transportation to Paris, Check. Hostages, Check. All that was left was figure out how to insert themselves undetected to take advantage of the situation and execute their mission. For the most part being surprised is not a good thing, would you agree?

Father, thank you for the awareness of the Holy Spirit within me.


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