'Not Yet'
St. Maximilian Kolbe
I have let you feast your eyes upon it, but you shall not cross over.
- Deuteronomy 34:4
Sadly, Moses didn't get to see the Promised Land. He had done the exhausting work of leading a recalcitrant people out of slavery. He had encountered God face to face, received God's commandments and suffered daily headaches over this so-called "chosen people."

Personally, I want the good guy to win. I am partial to happy endings. Why doesn't Moses get to cross over? Theologians explain the nature of God's kingdom as "already but not yet" experienced in this world.

A raccoon decimates your plump, milky corncobs right before harvest, you break your ankle and must withdraw from the parish's pilgrimage to Assisi, your spouse dies before your granddaughter's wedding. Hard stuff! In so many ways, God says that there is more than earthly satisfaction. He whispers, "Be good servants now; I love all your good efforts. Wait just a little while; there is a place waiting for you, beyond anything this earth is able to give."
- Jennifer Christ


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