DAILY DEVOTIONS: Aug 30 'Wisdom in Wax'

'Wisdom in Wax'
The mountains melt like wax before the LORD...
- Psalm 97:5
It started with a dirty oven. I pressed the "self-clean" button and put an unlit scented candle on the stove top in case the oven odor got worse. No problem, or so I thought. A half-hour later, the smell of scorched cinnamon saturated the air. Alarmed, I raced back to the kitchen and found it filling with smoke. The unlit candle was no more. It had dissolved into a blistering pool of wax.

I thought everything was under control. Instead, a fire almost started. The smell of smoke and cinnamon lingered for days. And the image of candle wax boiling on that stove top stayed with me much longer. It wasn't a mountain that melted, but the incident reminded me who's in control. It's not I. My plans are not foolproof. Only God's are. May I always seek your wisdom, Lord!
- Gail Goleas


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