DAILY DEVOTIONS:Aug 24 'Crossing the Line'

'Crossing the Line'
St. Bartholomew
Can anything good come from Nazareth?
- John 1:46
Growing up in a large, racially segregated city, I held biases based mainly on where people lived. There were lines "we" did not cross for fear of "them." Until I grew older and crossed those lines on my own, I believed what I had been taught about those neighbors.

Jesus was poor, working class and lived in the small town of Nazareth. When we try to understand Jesus' world, we enter a time and place most of us cannot understand. Our biases challenge us: "Why pay attention to him? What can he possibly do for me?" But when we cross the line of faith into a relationship with Jesus, we discover something different. We find a divine love untouched by our "-isms." We see Jesus, but we find the Christ, the one who comes to heal the wounds of the world.
Jesus, may I learn to see others for what they are in your eyes--your beloved.
- Steve Givens


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