AUGUST 12 2019

August 12 morning
 724 have prayed
With Jesus in the morning
Following your Son Jesus is not easy and often brings misunderstandings and difficulties. Give me the grace, Lord, of faithfulness and perseverance, for only with your strength will I be able to do what you ask of me. I offer this day for all families, in union with the intention of the Holy Father for this month. Our Father…

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August 12 afternoon
 177 have prayed
With Jesus during the day
Not everything comes to me when I want and it can even discourage me from walking the path of God. What should I do then? I must deliver myself to Divine Providence in the certainty that, in due time, the Lord will act on my behalf. I must accept and trust, for the Lord truly knows my heart and my needs. I must believe that the best is yet to come and that, if it is for my greater good, he will give me the graces that I ask for. However, I must never doubt your love for me and your faithfulness to me.

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August 12 night
 117 have prayed
With Jesus in the night
At the end of this day, I look over what has transpired. Thank you, Lord, for what I experienced today. How did I feel about each event? Did I feel the presence of God in any of them? Do I feel that any of these places cause me discomfort or is problematic? I give all that I have received to God and ask him to see what areas need improvement. Our Father…


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