AUGUST 13 2019

August 13 morning
 817 have prayed
With Jesus in the morning
On this new day, I bless You, Lord, because I can enjoy once more the gift of life. Children are those who do not put barriers up to experience. They do not live in suspicion and doubt. They willingly receive and trust that what they receive is good. In this way we can participate in the gifts of God. Receiving without suspicion, without calculating, and with open hands. I offer this day for all families, so that they may be spaces where faith in Christ is fostered. Glory Be…

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August 13 afternoon
 203 have prayed
With Jesus during the day
I thank God for all the priests, men and women religious, laity and consecrated lay people who give their lives for the sake of the Lord and neighbor. May I intercede for those who offer their lives in sacrifice, so that they may be faithful in following Christ, just as I desire to do.

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August 13 night
 128 have prayed
With Jesus in the night
I pause at the end of this day. I concentrate on my breath. I remember the day that has passed, following with my imagination the things I had to work for today. Thank you, Lord, for the means at my disposal, the clothes, the food, and all that I own. Are there any things that do not help me, distract me, or take away liberty? I ask for forgiveness and I propose to share what I have with others. Our Father…


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