AUGUST 30 2019

August 30 morning
 915 have prayed
With Jesus in the morning
As I begin another day, I thank you and praise you for the beauty of creation: for nature, for animals, for human beings, for art and for music. Help me, Lord, to be more and more aware of your presence in others and in creation, throughout the day. Help me to be more vigilant to your signs, so that I can better recognize the graces you give to me and the challenges you throw at me. Together with the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, and through Mary’s intercession, I offer my day for the Pope’s intentions for this month. Hail Mary…

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August 30 afternoon
 193 have prayed
With Jesus during the day
When I see others not listening to me, it can lead me into discouragement, thinking that I can do nothing to help others. However, like the apostles of Christ, I must understand that I will not always be accepted or listened to. I ask the Lord for the strength to continue to evangelize even in these situations. During these times of persecution or helplessness, I rejoice in remembering the Beatitudes and that, for my salvation and that of my neighbor, it is worth spending my life.

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August 30 night
 122 have prayed
With Jesus in the night
At the end of this day I pause for a moment. When did I recognize that God was with me? Is there any grace I would like to thank God for? God is present within me. Help me to understand that. What feelings do I feel right now? Where do they move me? God desires to place peace and hope into my heart. Help me, Lord, to accept your presence into my life. Our Father…


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