Daily Blessing When You're Pruned

Daily Blessing When You're Pruned
Every Christ follower goes through a season of reduction; a time when God “reduces” us, prunes us back, thins our lives, and reminds us once again that we are not what we do, we’re someone He loves. Yet, so often, grief, disappointment, and disillusionment accompany us into this season. But they don’t stay with us. Eventually the sharp pruned edges stop hurting and they actually heal. Our hearts start to beat again. Our souls start to thrive again. And we remember once again that any gift from God’s hand pales in comparison to truly knowing His heart. If you’re feeling reduced and cut back, don’t panic; don’t wonder about your worth (you’re worth everything to Him). Remind your soul that God is with you here. He’s doing a deep work in you. And soon you’ll know wholeness and fruitfulness you never imagined possible. Rest in His care for now. He’s got you.


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