DAILY DEVOTIONS: Sep 10 'Time to Be Present'

'Time to Be Present'
Jesus departed to the mountain to pray...
- Luke 6:12
Have you ever noticed how intentional and deliberate Jesus is about departing to be in prayer by himself? He was constantly on the move, in demand for various healings by the never-ending crowds, followed as the great Teacher wherever he went, rarely having significant time for himself. Jesus could have just kept pressing on, allowing his mental, emotional and physical energy to be depleted. But he knew better. He was aware of how essential it was that he come to an abrupt stop, step aside from what was pressing upon him and simply be present with God, who strengthened their relationship and reenergized his ministry. Jesus' faithfulness in pausing for prayer and renewal reminds me that I, too, must be deliberate about ceasing my hurrying activities. I, too, must spend time alone with God, who readily nurtures my inner life.
- Sr. Joyce Rupp, O.S.M.


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