DAILY DEVOTIONS:Sep 12 'Top Priorities'

'Top Priorities'
The Most Holy Name of Mary
And over all these put on love, that is, the bond of perfection.
- Colossians 3:14
Today, we're presented with quite an important list from Colossians. In honor of my youngest son's birthday today, below is part of my list for raising children:

1) Teach them the faith and foster it continuously.

2) Give them hugs and kisses every day (at least until they're teenagers and will no longer let you!).

3) Keep them healthy, not only physically, but emotionally (numbers 1 and 2 go a long way toward that!).

4) Read them stories, especially at bedtime. When they are older, tell them your story.

5) Treat them like they are smart, because they are.

6) Most importantly ("over all these"), let them know that they are loved--by you and by God!

Today, look for ways in which God shows his love for you. Once you start looking, you may be surprised by how long your list becomes.
- Terence Hegarty


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