OCTOBER 12 2019

October 12 morning
With Jesus in the morning
“Happy are those who listen to the word of God” (Luke 11:27-28). “The Lord always sows his word, he only asks for an open heart to listen to it and good will to put it into practice. That is why today’s prayer is that of the Psalm: ‘Lead me Lord through the path of your commandments,’ that is, by the path of your word, and so that I learn with your guide to put it into practice.” (Pope Francis) Offer up your day for the intention of the Pope for this month. Our Father…

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With Jesus during the day
In order to establish peace within your heart it is necessary to ask God in daily prayer to have an inner knowledge of Jesus Christ, to love him more and follow him more. During the day, pray and ask the Lord to allow you to focus all your senses in contemplation of him, saying: “Your will be done!”

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October 12 night
With Jesus in the night
Give thanks to God at the end of this day. Breathe slowly and maintain an inner silence. Go through the day and look into your heart. What did you find beautiful today and amazed you? Have you discovered goodness or good things that have invited you to contemplate God? Were there any landscapes, people, gestures, works of art, places, or conversations that inspired you. To adore God is to recognize with the heart the greatness that surrounds you. Look forward to tomorrow and resolve to do God’s will as best as you can. Hail Mary…


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