DAILY DEVOTIONS'Giving Thanks' Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day
Nights and days, bless the Lord;
praise and exult him above all forever.
- Daniel 3:71
This beautiful canticle from Daniel can serve as a thanksgiving prayer. Read the entire text--outside, if possible--and be grateful for everything that has come from the hand of God. There's an old saying: what you take without gratitude makes you a thief. And there's an old commandment: you shall not steal. Perhaps there is a little thief in each of us. We need to ask ourselves, on occasion, what am I stealing? What am I taking for granted? That which we take for granted cannot truly bless us.

On this day of thanks, then, let us give glory and praise for the dew and the rain, the light and the darkness, the lightning and the clouds, the earth with all its gifts. Creation continually blesses God by being obedient to the divine invitation to grow and be of service to the universe. Let us join in joyful procession, offering glory to God.
- Sr. Macrina Wiederkehr, O.S.B.


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