DAILY DEVOTIONS:Nov 8 'Half-hearted to Perfect'

'Half-hearted to Perfect'
And the master commended that dishonest steward for acting prudently.
- Luke 16:8
Catholic scholars suggest that the dishonest steward committed usury against his neighbors and repented only when his master found out. He then chooses to give up the payment he had dedicated to himself and pay back his master alone.

Occasionally, I've caught my kids fibbing about an infraction until they're certain I already know the truth. Then they rush to make amends. At times, I myself have been happy to find peace in the confessional, while making excuses for why I can't be reconciled outside of it.

Contrition often begins in a half-hearted fashion. Sometimes our heart is ready, but our hands are not, and vice versa. Sometimes our hearts are made ready only when we become aware of the consequences. Perhaps God, in his mercy, smiles on us anyway, for what our human nature has failed to accomplish, his grace makes perfect.
- Elizabeth Duffy


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