November 7 morning
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With Jesus in the morning
I begin my prayer this day by acknowledging that I am a limited creature, but thankful that God still has so much love for me. With humility, I try to identify concrete thoughts, words, actions and omissions that separate me from God and separate me from my neighbor. Help me to trust in God’s infinite and merciful love. I offer my prayers on this day for dialogue and reconciliation among the peoples of the Near East, as the Holy Father asks us to pray for this month. Our Father…

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November 7 afternoon
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With Jesus during the day
Self-knowledge helps me understand my way of being and acting. Help me, Lord, to make the right decisions, to understand the situations and problems that may arise throughout my life. These experiences makes me a more authentic and confident person. Looking within and recognizing my strengths and weaknesses, I accept myself and others better, and this helps me develop my relationships. May I seek, in the light of the Holy Spirit, to know my true self and to let myself be enlightened by divine action in my life.

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November 7 night
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With Jesus in the night
I pause at the end of the day. I am grateful for the people, the places, and the moments of today. How were the encounters with my neighbor? Do I remember one that caused me unrest or annoyance? Do I feel a grudge or an inability to forgive? I look inside my heart and set it free from what is harmful. I take note of what I discover and give it to God. Our Father…


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