Daily Devotionals | Kenny Luck Perception of Evil

Daily Devotionals | Kenny Luck Perception of Evil

They are like a lion hungry for prey, like a fierce lion crouching in cover. Psalm 17:12

Being with Jesus in the first century meant regular discussions about Satan and engaging evil forces. Imagine: for the disciples, being with Jesus was for the specific intention of gaining the authority and training to cast out demons! The Gospels, the book of Acts, the Pastoral Epistles, and John’s vision in Revelation all talk about evil making its play in life of the believers. The norm for a New Testament God’s man is regularly recognized and dealt with evil.

Face it: Satan has been watching film on you. He’s relentless. Get that one firmly planted in your brain. Even after getting taken to the shed by the Son of God, the Bible says that “he left him until the next opportunity came” (Luke 4:13, NLT 2004). Satan is not just relentless but a relentless opportunist. He never rests. This is the big pink elephant parked in the middle of the church today, and there are only two options in dealing with it: live in reality or live in fantasy. One attitude is very comfortable and the other is uncomfortable. But when it comes to being God’s man, discipleship and discomfort are very closely connected.

The very exciting thought in this expose’ on evil, God has done a very special thing for his Children. He has given us power and dominion over Satan and his relentlessness through sacrificial love. This is to provide the confidence and security that you, through Christ, can prevail. Trust Him.

Father, once again you have taken care of it all, perfect love casts out all fear.


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