DAILY DEVOTIONS: 'Fiery Language'

DAILY DEVOTIONS: 'Fiery Language'
St. John of the Cross
In those days,
like a fire there appeared the prophet Elijah
whose words were as a flaming furnace.
- Sirach 48:1
How do we discern what is good? How can we know the right thing to do? Honestly, we can't always be sure. Sometimes we have to pray about the situation before us, weigh its pros and cons, and then just do our best. Other times, if we are attentive, we may recognize the Holy Spirit speaking to us. Maybe the images of an unsettling dream stay with us long after waking. Maybe our hearts burn with prophetic words like a "flaming furnace." Maybe we get a sinking feeling that there is work to be done--that our sacrifice and discomfort are necessary to accomplish some greater good. These signs are decidedly physical, but they are spiritual too. Pay attention! Pray about them. Turn them over in your heart, and ask the Lord if he is trying to speak to you through them.
Lord God, help me to recognize when you speak your word into my heart!
- Karla Manternach


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