DAILY DEVOTIONS: 'Refuge From the Storm'

DAILY DEVOTIONS: 'Refuge From the Storm'
Advent Weekday
...shade from the parching heat of day,
refuge and cover from storm and rain.
- Isaiah 4:6
Ever have one of those days when it's just one thing after another? You were late for your dentist's appointment and had to wait an extra hour. Your puppy threw up on your new beige carpet, and the city plow just blocked your driveway for the third time in twelve hours. The frustrations mount, and you feel at times like you are going backwards fast.

Sometimes your favorite lumpy chair, a cup of Earl Grey tea and a good Agatha Christie mystery are a refuge from the tempest. Ah, a little bit of the kingdom! No matter the "parching heat" or the "storm and rain" that today may bring, God is your shelter and protection, always ready to take you up in his warm embrace, to comfort you like a little child and to give you the respite you need.
Lord, I trust that you are with me through the turbulence of this divine/human journey. You are my sanctuary!
- Jennifer Christ


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