DECEMBER 15 2019

December 15 morning
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With Jesus in the morning
“To think that in this world, in our cities, in our communities, there is no longer room to grow, dream, create…it is one of the worst evils that can be put into our lives, especially in youth.”(Pope Francis) Start this new day with love, recognizing the Lord as the great Savior of your life. Be prepared to help others discover the Gospel, so they can also dream and grow. Offer your day for the intentions of the Pope for this month. Our Father…

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December 15 afternoon
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With Jesus during the day
The prayer intentions of the Holy Father open our hearts to the most urgent needs of humanity and the Church, and lead us to order our lives for the promotion of the Kingdom. We participate in this mission with all those who desire more fraternity, justice and peace in the world, including those who belong to other religious traditions. Renew your commitment today to bring others closer to the Heart of the Risen One, thus opening their horizons to God.

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December 15 night
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With Jesus in the night
Give thanks to God for another day. Look inside your heart. How was your day? Where there any moments of difficulty. What thoughts appeared? What attitudes did you have? What feelings did you experience? In moments of trouble cultivate patience, ask God for help, do not be guided by dark thoughts and do not abandon your good purposes. Resolve to do better tomorrow! Hail Mary…


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