December 2 morning
3473 have prayed
With Jesus in the morning
Give thanks to God for a new day. “Lord, my servant is lying at home paralyzed, suffering dreadfully” (Matthew 8:5-11). “Hope knows how to suffer to carry out a project and knows how to sacrifice. Are you capable of sacrificing yourself for the future or do you just want to live in the present?” (Pope Francis) Bring to your memory your friends, family and acquaintances who are suffering. What can you do today for them? Offer your day for them and for all countries to have the future of young people as a priority. Our Father…

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December 2 afternoon
1572 have prayed
With Jesus during the day
“Also as individuals we have the temptation of indifference. We are saturated with tremendous news and images that tell us about human suffering and, at the same time, we feel our inability to intervene. What can we do to avoid being absorbed by this spiral of horror and helplessness? First, we can pray in the communion of the earthly and celestial Church. Let us not forget the strength of the prayer of so many people” (Pope Francis). Stop for a few minutes in prayer and renew your offering for specific people who are suffering. Is there anything you can do to relieve their suffering?

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December 2 night
512 have prayed
With Jesus in the night
Give thanks to God for another day. Throughout your day, the Father calls to your heart in the small details, and he wants you to listen to him. Did you recognize the presence of the Lord? How did you respond? Do you want to thank God for some particular grace? Is there any situation that you need to ask for forgiveness? Take note of what you discover and resolve to do better tomorrow. Hail Mary…


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