DAILY DEVOTIONS: 'Freely Given Gift'

'Freely Given Gift'
Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?
Mark 2:16
Yes, Jesus shared his precious time with tax collectors and sinners--and this is the best news we could ever hope to get! Think about it. If Jesus could love them, then surely he can love us. No matter what mistakes we make, Jesus' love for us never changes. That might be hard to understand. Many people think of love as something we have to earn, but we can never earn God's love. God's love is a divine energy constantly being poured into us as a freely given gift. We can't change that no matter what we do because we can never change God. Rather, it is God's love that changes us.

God's love has the power to transform our life. It helps us to seek reconciliation and vow to sin no more. It helps us to love and forgive ourselves and others as well. Can you imagine the kind of world we would have if more people decided to do that?
- Fr. Kenneth E. Grabner, C.S.C.


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