FEBRUARY 29 2020

February 29 morning
1410 have prayed
With Jesus in the morning

Begin the day with a grateful spirit. The Lord calls you another day to collaborate in his mission of compassion, not for your own merits but for his love. Offer your day for those who must migrate and take refuge in search of hope so that they may be received with love and considered in their needs. Our Father…

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February 29 afternoon
301 have prayed
With Jesus during the day

Take some time to look at how you lived the three moments of prayer during this month. Look within your heart in a moment of silence. Are you faithful to the moment of prayer during the day? Do you pause to greet the Lord? Renew your commitment to pray during the three moments of the day by joining thousands of brothers and sisters in the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.

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February 29 night
178 have prayed
With Jesus in the night

Be at peace as you end your day. How do you feel now? Become aware of how you started the day. Did your feelings change throughout the day? What caused the change? What is in your heart? Take note of what you discover. Thank God the day and apologize for what you would have liked to be different. As you look forward to tomorrow, make a resolution to do better. Hail Mary…


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