DAILY Devotional JUNE 26, 2020 God is Not Hiding - by Joyce Meyer

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows and proclaims His handiwork.

— Psalm 19:1 (AMPC)
JUNE 26, 2020
God is Not Hiding
From the book Hearing from God Each Morning - by Joyce Meyer
God does not hide from us—He reveals Himself to anyone who wants to find Him (see Romans 1:19–20). He speaks to all of us through His handiwork, and nature itself is a witness of His power and plans. Look around… pay attention to the world God has created. The main thing He says to us through nature is that He’s real, and He’s truly here. He tries to reach us every day, leaving clues about Himself everywhere; clues that say, “I am here! You don’t have to worry or be afraid. I am here.”

Every morning the sun comes up, and every evening it goes down. The stars come out to sparkle against the night sky and the universe remains in order as a reminder that God is watching out for us. Think about how some trees look totally dead during winter, then come back to life each spring. This is a beautiful picture of how God will bring our lives back into full bloom, even if we feel lifeless or hopeless because of our circumstances.

I enjoy simply looking at a tree and watching it blow in the wind. I’ve noticed that dead leaves sometimes cling to branches for a while, and then a big gust of wind comes along and blows them off, making room for new buds to grow and thrive. This reminds me that the wind of God’s Spirit is faithful to blow away everything that is no longer needed in our lives, and that He’ll protect all that needs to remain. He will bring new life, growth and times of refreshing.

Remember these examples of how God speaks through nature and look for His clues everywhere you go today!

Prayer Starter: Father, please help me see the “clues” You want to use to speak to me today. Thank You for opening my eyes more and more to who You are! In Jesus’ Name, amen.


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