DAILY DEVOTIONS Life’s Greatest Gift JUNE 27, 2020

Life’s Greatest Gift
JUNE 27, 2020

John 3:16-21

Everyone loves presents, yet many people reject the greatest gift ever given. This gift is God’s Son, and the term “only begotten” expresses His uniqueness. There has never been anyone else like Jesus, who is truly God and truly human. He is the only One who lived a perfect life and died as a sinless sacrifice in the place of sinful humanity.

When God gave the gift of His Son, mankind had two options. They could either accept Jesus by faith or reject Him. This is the most important choice a person will ever make, because the outcome has eternal ramifications. God will one day judge the people He has created, and that judgment will be on the basis of what they have done with the gift of His Son. Those who believe in the Savior will not be condemned, because they have received eternal life. However, John 3:18 says whoever doesn’t believe has already been judged and condemned for unbelief.

The determining factor between the accepters and the rejecters is the object of their love. Those who refuse God’s Son love their sin and don’t want to change. But believers come to Christ because they love the truth and desire righteousness. Which one are you?

Bible in One Year: Psalm 85-89


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