A Need for God Billy Graham Devotional 21 October 2020


A Need for God Billy Graham Devotional 21 October 2020

Christ in your hearts is your only hope of glory. — Colossians 1:27 (TLB)

The age-old issue, “Can man save himself, or does he need God?” is still raging across the world as furiously as ever. As long as the world goes on, people will build towers of Babel, fashion their graven images, and invent their own ideologies. Now, as in every period of history, people think they can manage without God.

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Economically, they may manage; intellectually, they may manage; socially, they may get by. But down underneath the surface of rational man is a vacuum-a void that can be met only through Jesus Christ. The most astounding fact of all history is that the Great and Almighty God of heaven can live in your heart. It makes no difference who you are.

Prayer for the day:

You fill the emptiness and longing of my soul. I need the presence of Your Spirit, dear Lord.


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