DAILY DEVOTIONS Living Amidst False Teachers JANUARY 19, 2021


Living Amidst False Teachers

JANUARY 19, 2021




Jude 1:17-19

Unsound teaching can be a danger in our Christian walk. Let’s learn to spot those who might lead us in the wrong direction. False teachers usually ...

• Mock truth. That is, they attack or attempt to discredit the Word of God or the church. When presented in a passionate and intelligent-sounding way, anti-church sentiment can lure even the most sincere people to doubt the truth of Scripture.

• Follow unrighteous impulses. False teachers pick and choose verses to justify their sinful habits and desires. For them, the interpretation of Scripture is selective.

• Divide people. They try to appear superior to their listeners. Some claim an experience that elevates them to a “higher level,” while others profess a more advanced spirituality that no one else could ever achieve.

• Are worldly-minded. False teachers are not interested in teaching God’s Word. Instead, their focus is usually on what they can achieve, how many people will follow them, or how much they can earn through their teaching.

Spirit-led teachers recognize that humility and unity with their students is key (Phil. 2:1-4). Let’s pray for discernment to distinguish true teachers from misguided ones—and for only godly instruction to influence the church (Phil. 1:9-10).

Bible in One Year: Exodus 10-12


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