No Room For Slothfulness TREM Devotional 10 January 2021


No Room For Slothfulness TREM Devotional 10 January 2021

“The slothful man roasteth not that which he took in hunting: but the substance of a diligent man is precious.” Proverbs 12:27 KJV

When I look at the way some Christians function, I can tell that such a believer is going nowhere. Those who want to make it in life do not just sit down and expect things to fall on them like a bag of cherries; it doesn’t happen that way. If that is the way you function, you will only be limited. You can’t play in the big league with that kind of attitude. A lazy man has what to eat but he is not ready to discipline himself to roast what he got from hunting. Proverbs 26:13-14 says: “The slothful man saith there is a lion in the way; a lion is in the streets. As the door turneth upon his hinges, so doth the slothful upon his bed” (KJV). Thus, he remains poor in life.

We spiritualize everything and make excuses for why we are not ready to do what we should do. We just want God to drop blessings upon us like that. How serious are you regarding God’s blessings? How serious are you ready to break through the rank of ordinary to extraordinary? It bothers me! We talk about big league; do you think it is a light matter? It bothers me that we share this Word on a daily basis and people are still sitting there as though nothing can happen in their lives.

What will give me joy is to see you rise up and become what God wants you to become. It is not what man says that matters; it is what God says concerning you that is most important, and until you get to that stage, you should not be satisfied in life.

Beloved, things are happening, God is raising an army and equipping them with all the resources they need. Don’t just fold your hands and expect it to fall on you; get up, get ready and go for it. God is backing you up.

Further reading: Proverbs 18:9, 19:15

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen 25, 26 / Evening- Matt. 8:1-17


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