Joel Osteen Today's Word: When Offenses Come

 Joel Osteen  Today's Word: When Offenses Come

Today’s Scripture: Luke 17:1, HCSB - He said to His disciples, "Offenses will certainly come."

Today’s Word: Jesus didn't say that offenses might come to us. He didn't say that if you're kind, if you pray and quote the Scriptures, you'll be exempt from grumpy people and people who cut you off in traffic. He said offenses will certainly come. You will have opportunities on a regular basis to get upset, to argue, to become offended and bitter, and to try to pay people back. That word "offense" comes from a Greek word that means "to bait," referring to the bait that's used to lure animals into a trap. When you're tempted to be offended, when someone is critical, rude, condescending, or says something derogatory to you, recognize that the enemy is trying to deceive you into his trap. He's saying, "Come on, get upset. Argue with them and tell them off." Instead of letting it upset you, say, "No, thanks. I'm not taking the bait. This is just a distraction. I'm going to enjoy this day and keep my peace."

Prayer for Today: "Father, thank You that I can guard my heart and keep it free from all the negative things that try to bait me to let them enter in. I declare that I will not allow offenses to get inside and make me upset and bitter. I declare that I'm not taking the bait, and I'm keeping my peace. In Jesus' Name, Amen."


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