Overflow Today’s Scripture


Overflow  Today’s Scripture

Genesis 28:3, NIV

May God Almighty bless you and make you fruitful and increase your numbers until you become a community of peoples.

Today’s Word

Sometimes people will try to convince you that you're not supposed to be blessed. Back when my father was in seminary, he was taught that he was supposed to be poor to show that he was humble. Yet one of the names of God is "El Shaddai," which is usually translated "God Almighty" and means "more than enough." If God just wanted you to get by in life, why would His name be "More Than Enough"? Don't let people talk you out of the overflow that God has for you.

God wants you to have an abundance so you can be a blessing to others. You have so much joy that you bring joy wherever you go. You have so many resources that you can help those around you. You're going to overflow with creativity, with talent, with ideas. Overflow with great people in your life. Overflow with influence, with respect, with promotion. You may not have seen this yet, but God is about to do a new thing. Overflow is coming.

Prayer for Today

Father, thank You that You are El Shaddai, the more-than-enough God, and You want my life to overflow with blessings. Thank You that I can get in agreement with You and believe that You are about to do a new thing. I declare that overflow is coming my way. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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